Carpentry and Joinery

Carpentry and Joinery

The Trusty Builder have been focused on providing a number of core services for our clients over the years, one of them being carpentry and joinery. Carpentry and Joinery are both extremely skilled trades, so a as a building and construction firm, it is important to ensure that our team are continually pushing themselves to reach new goals. We have local teams based in and around London to provide our carpentry services, with the majority of our carpenters and joiners based in Ealing.

An introduction

Sometimes there can be some confusion between carpentry and joinery but it is important to realize that they are two different services. Carpenters and joiners will generally use natural wood as their main choice of material, which is then cut, shaped and installed. For example, carpentry services will focus on cutting, shaping and installing materials predominantly made of natural wood. However, joinery services will involve carpenter who cuts and fits a joint of wood without the need of additional fasteners.

Women in industry

Over the years, a number of skilled women have established themselves within the building and construction industry by delivering some truly breathtaking projects. Some of these women have also selected carpentry and joinery as their main area of specialism. As a predominantly male driven industry, it has been great to see some diversity brought to the forefront of what we do and we hope this continues right into the future of the industry.

Local experts in carpentry and joinery services

Masters of our craft

The Trusty Builder only work with carpenters and joiners who have spent years mastering their craft, so we can undertake even the most complex bespoke joinery and bespoke carpentry services on behalf of our clients in and around London.

We feel it’s important for all carpentry companies and carpentry contractors to invest into the right staff to ensure their work is always of the highest possible standard. This not only means finding carpenters and joiners who have had plenty of practical work experience but making sure they have completed the extensive educational training available as well.

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We offer a wide range of bespoke carpentry and bespoke joinery services for our clients in Ealing and surrounding areas of London whether this is creating and installing new staircases, cabinets and wardrobes for your home through to our professional carpentry contractors making some new windows and doors for your commercial premises.

If you’d like to discuss your carpentry and joinery requirements with our London based team in Ealing, you can call us on 0208 997 8321. Alternatively, you can also contact us with any questions or queries via email on

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