If you are running low on space and considering extending your home by building an extension or you’d simply like to discuss how to extend a room to create extra space, you’ve come to the right place. The Trusty Builder can help advise and support you through the process of extending a house to create your brand new extensions. Builders who are employed by our company have many years of knowledge and experience when it comes to home additional especially when it comes to lofts and extensions.

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Building extensions can be a timely process if not done correctly which is why whenever a client comes to us to discuss their property extension with us we make sure they truly understand what is required. House extensions can of course add a lot of value to your home, which is one of the main reasons our clients invest into their home extension. The cost can obviously vary quite a lot but we will always work closely with you to ensure that we finish both on time and on budget as well.

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No need to stress if you are running low on space because our team of experts will be able to show you a range of options when extending your property.

What do we cover?

Property Extensions

The Trusty Builder has worked on various types of properties during our time in this industry with no two projects or clients being the same. We evaluate each property type thoroughly as some may require specialist methods of working as well as particular approval due to their age, size or style. We have included some of the types of properties we have worked on below:

  • Bungalow Extension
  • Conservatory Extensions
  • Garage Extension
  • Granny Flat Extensions
  • Semi Detached House Extensions
  • Terraced House Extension
  • Victorian House Extensions

Room Extensions

There are a large number of different types of extensions outside of the ones most people associate the term house extensions with. In reality, provided you have the space required and approval from your local council, you can pretty much extend any part of your property. We have broken down some of the popular types of rooms and spaces that our clients like to extend both inside and outside of their properties.

  • Basement Extension
  • Cellar Extension
  • Garden Room Extensions
  • Kitchen Diner Extensions
  • Living Room Extensions
  • Loft Extension
  • Utility Room Extension

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Types of Extensions

We have already outlined the types of properties, rooms and spaces both inside and outside of a property that our clients have previously extended. Not only is it important to get the selection process right with the type of extension you are going to build but you will then also need to select the style of the extensions such as modular extensions, contemporary extensions and maybe even some more modern extensions.

There are a number of types of extensions that are available depending on the part of the property you’d like to extend or the type of project you are undertaking. It can be a little confusing to figure out on your own so this is why our expert team in Ealing are on hand if you need to ask any questions. Below we have listed some of the main types of extensions that we regularly complete for our clients.

  • Back Extensions (i.e. Rear Extensions)
  • Commercial Extensions
  • Domestic Extensions
  • Dormer Extensions
  • Double Storey Extensions (i.e. Two Storey Extensions)
  • Ground Floor Extensions (i.e. Single Storey Extensions)
  • Side Extensions (e.g. Side Return Extensions)

Types of Materials

Once you decide on the area of the property you are going to extend it is then time to move onto the style of the extension(s) and the type of extension(s). Some people may prefer to use a combination of materials because of the contrast it provides, such as with glass extensions and wooden (timber) extensions. However, at The Trusty Builder, we have found that when building an extension or extending a room, using materials such as brick and block will not only give you the results you desire but will also ensure strength and stability for your new extension(s). With the addition of some well though out fixtures and fittings, you’ll find the overall project will be finished to the very highest of standards.

Need help?

If you’d like to discuss house extensions or commercial extensions with our London based team in Ealing, you can call us on 0208 997 8321. Alternatively, you can also contact us with any questions and queries via email on info@thetrustybuilder.com or visit our sister companies website Conversions and Extensions for more information.

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