Painting and Decorating

Painting and Decorating

Are you looking for professional painters or house painting companies and not sure which painting company to use? Do you need some help to decorate your home and would prefer local decorators who can guarantee a professional decorating service? The Trusty Builder are a painting and decorating company who take a lot of pride in our painting and decorating business, especially the work we undertake for our clients. When it comes to painting and decorators in London, we’re confident that our local painters and decorators based in Ealing are some of the best around.

We've got it covered

Our specialist painters help to drive our painting business forward so we can be recognised as one of the best painting companies in the area. In addition to this, our specialist decorators have also helped us to compete with other decorating companies in and around the area. Professional decorators can be hard to find and because there are a number of painting and decorating firms based around London, it is important for us to remain competitive both when it comes to our pricing, but also when it comes to our painting and decorating services in general.

London based experts in painting and decorating services

Painting services

We offer a wide range of external house painting services and interior painting services to our clients. For many years we have employed local british painters as we have found them to be some of the best, most professional and reliable painters we have worked with. Quality painters are hard to come by in this day and age no matter whether its residential painters or commercial painters, building painters or roof painters, interior house painters or exterior house painters.

No job to big or small

Where we undertake larger jobs, it requires us to find additional staff. The Trusty Builder have previously worked with other painting and decorating companies as well as painting and decorating agencies. This has allowed us build an extensive list of residential painting contractors to support the needs of our clients. Having immediate access to house painting contractors including both interior painting contractors and exterior painting contractors makes life a lot easier to scale up with projects when we need to.

What do we do?

Below are examples of the types of projects we undertake for our clients:


Offices and everything in between them


Taking care of the outside of your home


From small changes to large developments


Bedrooms and bathrooms among others


If you have them, then we will paint them


We can make the inside look extra impressive


Experts in getting those impressive finishes


Really just does what it says on the tin


For those slightly more niche requests


From internal walls through to the exterior

We turn Paint

into Portraits

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, which is why we don’t just want to paint properties but we want to create a masterpiece.

Decorating Services

Home interior decorating and exterior decorating can be a daunting task, especially when you own a large sized property. Rest assured that from bedroom decorating, kitchen decorating and decorating a living room, we can help you with each project you undertake right through to putting up the wallpaper. Decorating can be quite time consuming which is why many people decide to outsource their home decorating, painting and similar tasks to our painting and decorating contractors.

Detailed reviews

We don’t just focus on decorating your property; we also take into account your home decor and office decor. Firstly we establish the type of project we are reviewing such as apartment decor, country home decor, modern home decor (e.g. modern wall decor) or completely unique home decor. Then we discuss whether it’s the interior decor, exterior decor or both. Finally, we figure out where we are going to be focusing on first, such as the bathroom decor, bedroom decor, kitchen decor or living room decor.

Need some help?

If you’d like to discuss your requirements with our London based team in Ealing, you can call us on 0208 997 8321. Alternatively, you can also contact us with any questions or queries via email on

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