Plastering and Rendering

Plastering and Rendering

Plastering and rendering are two services that can take a lot of practice in order for an individual to master them. This especially applies in relation to larger jobs such as long curved walls and ceilings. It is a known fact that the technique used by plasterers is key when applying wall plaster to an interior of a property or when a render mix is applied to the exterior of a properly. This is why it is so important to ensure you are working with the right rendering company and they have access to the very best rendering contractors.

Our methods

The methods used when plastering a room can vary depending on the type of job. Many plastering contractors and plastering companies will use the traditional “wet” plastering method. Firstly the plasters start by preparing the room followed by mixing the plaster. Once the plaster is mixed, they apply the base coat. After the base coat is applied, they will then start smoothing the surface. Finally they will finish the plastering by drying and polishing it.

What do we cover?

There are a number of different types of jobs, materials and techniques that are used when plastering and rendering a property so we have outlined some of them in this section.

Types of Plastering

Drywall plastering | Exterior plastering | Interior plastering | Lime plastering | Stucco | Venetian plaster

Types of Rendering

Brick rendering | Building rendering | Cement / Concrete render | Colour rendering | Commercial rendering | Exterior rendering | Insulated render | Interior plastering | Internal / Interior rendering | Pebble dashing | Residential rendering

Experts on hand for all your plastering and rendering needs

Dry Lining

Another method we offer as part of our wall plastering services is dry lining (i.e. drywall or drywalling). This uses plaster boarding to cover the internal parts of a building including the walls and ceilings. Dry lining contractors use plasterboard because it allows them to create smooth surfaces and ceiling finishes throughout a property. It requires very little water hence the term “dry” lining and once installed, we apply joining tape over any joints and between the boards. At this stage the tape, screws and/or nail heads are filled with a special compound. When the compound is dry, we sand and seal it ready for the surfaces to be painted or decorated.

Everything is covered

No matter the type of rendering work you wish to undertake, our team based in Ealing will be happy to help. We can help with anything from simple render repair right through to helping you pick render colours (i.e. natural, coloured or pigmented), render finishes (i.e. fine, coarse, textured or smooth) and even render paint colours where required. So whether you are considering rendering a house or rendering walls of your property such as rendering a brick wall inside your home or rendering external walls outside your home, we hope you will consider us for all your rendering needs.

We turn Uneven

into Smooth

We always highlight how important it is to have solid foundations, so plastering and rendering are no exception when it comes to the work we undertake.

What is rendering?

Rendering is a term predominantly used for the application of a render to cement, brick, stone or mud. Traditional render consists of a premixed layer of sand, cement and lime, which is then applied to either an exterior wall or a featured interior wall. This method of rendering has been used for many years to not only help improve the appearance of a property but to also in some cases help to make them more water and weather resistant.

Where are you based?

We have a number of plastering and rendering contractors based in and around Ealing in London who work closely with us to complete a variety of plastering and rendering services for our clients. No job is too big or too small and through our extensive partner network, we can always add to our workforce in order to supply additional plasterers and renderers to help support the work we do.

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If you’d like to discuss your plastering and rendering requirements with our London based team in Ealing, you can call us on 0208 997 8321. Alternatively, you can also contact us with any questions or queries via email on

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