House conversions can be an investment for the future, but it is important to break down the relevant costs involved such as an architect, estate agent and solicitor’s fees. Financial advisors (e.g. mortgage advisors) can provide you with the relevant information you need to know before jumping into any decisions. Although the rewards can be substantial, this can of course depend on a number of factors. Firstly, you will need to decide on the type of project you are going to convert whether this is barn conversions, basement conversions, cellar conversions, bungalow conversions or even warehouse conversions.

Larger Properties

A popular option is to convert a larger property into individual flats or studio apartments for them to sold or rented out as individual units. This should be looked at as a longer-term investment because there may be the need to acquire legal planning permission to convert the property in addition to following strict building regulations. We can support your build from idea generation right through to completion. When turning your property into flats, you could be waiting until after the completion before you can sell them or some may sell quickly with others taking much longer.

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Popular Conversions

The Trusty Builder are expert house converters, so no matter the type or style of the conversions our clients are looking for, rest assured you will get the desired result from your project. We understand that our clients usually have a vision in mind and it is our job to take that vision and turn it into a stunning finished piece of work for both commercial and residential property conversions. Our specialist teams of property converters are based in Ealing and have had many years of experience when delivering these types of projects. We have included three very popular types of conversions that we undertake in a little more detail below.

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Attic Conversions

A very popular type of conversion because this allows our clients to add extra living space to an area of their home, which in may cases, is just used for storage. Our team of attic converters can help you to turn a redundant attic room into something special via out attic room conversion service. Whether this is an attic bedroom or attic loft conversion to create a whole new functional living space, we have every part of the process covered. Not only will the extra space give you another part of your home to enjoy but it can potentially increase its value dramatically by making it more appealing for larger families if you ever decide to sell or rent out the property.

Garage Conversions

Most of us associate a garage with a place you park your car or where you hide unwanted items out of the way. For others, working with a garage conversions company to convert a garage can turn a once unused space into a stunning and functional area of the home. Whether this is a double garage conversion or a single detached garage conversion, we have the skills and experience to design your space exactly to specification. Using the space effectively means finding intelligent storage solutions to maximise the space available. Why not consider turning your garage into a home office, games room, recording studio, utility room or perhaps even an extra bedroom?

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Loft Conversions

Whether you live in a Bungalow, Semi detached or Victorian terraced house, building a loft conversion can be a great way to increase the space within your property. Converting a loft is a great way to utilise an untouched space within your home to create an additional living room, bedroom (with or without en suite), bathroom or even a home office.

Our loft conversion services will allow you to turn your existing loft space into a beautiful loft room but you will need to think about the items you’d like to include so we can create something that truly meets your needs.

A few simple steps

Loft conversion companies work tirelessly to create professional loft conversions for their clients. When converting part of your property such as a loft conversion, you can choose if you want traditional loft ladders, simple stairs or completely bespoke staircase leading up to the loft. You can select loft flooring (including loft boards), the loft windows (e.g. dormer windows or Velux loft windows) and if you want to go that extra mile, even add a balcony to your loft conversion. The good news is that our London based team in Ealing can walk you through the various options available for each type and style of project.

What is available?

Types of Loft Conversions

When choosing a loft conversion company it is important to understand the loft conversion process so we have broken down some of the main types of loft conversions that we offer to our clients.

  • Dormer Loft Conversions (i.e. Dormer, Roof Dormers, Loft Dormer or Rear Dormer Loft Conversion)
  • Gable End Loft Conversions
  • Hip to Gable Loft Conversions
  • Hipped Roof Loft Conversions
  • Mansard Loft Conversions (i.e. Mansard or Mansard Conversion)

Styles of Loft Conversions

Our loft converters pride themselves as loft conversion specialists because of how much experience they have in completing various projects. Some of the most popular styles of loft conversions that we offer are listed below.

  • Basic loft conversions
  • Bespoke loft conversions
  • Contemporary loft conversions
  • Luxury loft conversions
  • Mini loft conversions
  • Modern loft conversions
  • Small loft conversions
  • Velux loft conversions
  • Victorian loft conversions

Still need help?

If you’d like to discuss house conversions or loft conversions with our London based team in Ealing, you can call us on 0208 997 8321. Alternatively, you can also contact us with any questions and queries via email on or visit our sister companies website Conversions and Extensions for more information.

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