Plumbing and Heating

Plumbing and Heating

The Trusty Builder and our reliable staff are pleased to be able to offer plumbing and heating solutions for residential, commercial and industrial based clients in and around London. Due to our head office being in Ealing, a lot of our plumbing and heating projects are completed in that area but we have the ability to cater for a much wider area for those who are not right on our doorstep.

Local plumbers for all your household plumbing needs

Our company

As a plumbing company, we try to keep our plumbing services and plumbing solutions as simple as possible. If you need a plumber, services that plumbing companies offer should be quick to find and easy to understand. Whether you are looking for local plumbers in Ealing or trying to find a plumber in another area of London, we can supply recommended plumbers with years of on the job experience. Your plumber should be able to help you make the right choices at every stage of the process no matter how big or small the job is.

Previously you would be looking for Corgi registered plumbers when you need to install your gas plumbing but now this has changed and you will need to hire Gas Safe plumbers instead. We get a lot of our work due to word of mouth so we would always advise using recommenced plumbers to ensure you have someone who can vouch for the work that they do. We want you to be able to say “My plumber from The Trusty Builder was great and i would happily recommend them to my friends, family and work colleagues” because we really do pride ourselves in the work we undertake for our clients.

Plumbing services

Examples of the plumbing services we offer can include:

  • Emergency plumbing and emergency plumbers
  • Residential plumbing and residential plumbers
  • Plumbing repairs and maintenance
  • Bathroom, toilet and shower installations

In order to satisfy the growing demand, we have access to various plumbing contractors outside of our in house team based in Ealing, so we can manage project of any size and scale in just a few phone calls. Whether you are fitting a new bathroom in your home, plumbing a new build block of flats or need a plumber to come in and resolve issues within your office building, our professional London based team will look after you, your family and/or your team to plan and execute every step of the process to make sure your experience working with us is as streamline as possible.

We turn Leaks

into Luxury

Whether its a leaky toilet or a burst pipe, our team can help turn even the most stressful situations into ones of joy after we complete our work.

Home heating

For anyone interested in exploring home heating services from The Trusty Builder, our central heating engineers will be able to walk you through the various options we have available. Domestic heating and commercial heating may differ in the scale of projects that are completed by our company but many of the central heating products, boilers and services are very similar. When working with central heating, radiators or boilers, it is important to ensure that your gas-heating engineers are gas safe registered.

Power flushing

An increasingly popular service we offer to our clients is flushing central heating systems (known as power flushing). Central heating systems including radiators and pipework become blocked over time due to a build up of sludge and debris that can cause household energy bills to increase. If not removed, it can end up causing serious blockages resulting in drops to the transfer of heat, damage to various parts of the system and eventually could lead to the failure of the boiler itself. Powerflushing is a process that allows us to clean and maintain your central heating system by flushing water through it at high speeds in order to remove any buildup.

Central heating

We offer a number of types of central heating services including central heating servicing for our clients across London. Our team based in Ealing can supply gas central heating systems, which can be installed by our professional gas engineers along with oil-fired central heating. Experts within that field of work will always undertake oil heating and oil boiler servicing. When it comes to electric heating systems including electric central heating, our heating engineers have years of experience in the repair, installation and maintenance of these products.


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Boiler Types & Manufacturers

As part of our boiler services, we offer a range of gas central heating boilers, electric central heating boilers and some other solutions such as solid fuel central heating, solar heating and skirting board heating. One of the items we make available as part of our gas boiler services is boiler servicing. It is of the upmost importance to ensure that your heating systems are working to the best of their potential at all times. Below are some of the main types of boilers we can supply and service as part of our home heating solutions.

Combi Boilers (Combination Boilers)

These boilers are becoming more and more popular across UK homes with over half of the domestic boilers installed in this country each year now being combo boilers. Combination boilers are a great choice for homes with good cold water mains pressure entering the property. Their space saving capabilities also make them an easy choice because they do not need a cold storage tank in the loft of your property, nor do they require a hot water cylinder. Another benefit is that they can be more efficient with less wastage as they generate hot water direct from the boiler and provide central heating all on demand.

Conventional Boilers (Open Vent Boilers)

Conventional boilers are a traditional type of boiler also referred to as open vent boilers. We are mainly approached for this type of boiler when a customers old system has gone wrong and they would like to replace it with the same type of system to avoid causing too much disruption. Unlike combination boilers, a conventional boiler has one small tank and one large tank both of which are situated in the loft. They also require a hot water cylinder, a diverter valve and their own system pump. You can usually recognise these types of boilers by the light switch style pull string in the bathroom that activates the backup immersion heater.

System Boilers (Sealed System Boilers)

Sealed system boilers work in a similar way to conventional boilers by having a separate cylinder and boiler. However, there is no small tank required in the loft due to an internal expansion vessel, which is sealed inside the boiler along with a heating pump. When installing these systems, we flush them and add protective chemicals to ensure it remains clean and doesn’t have issues with things such as air locks. Many of the major components within system boilers will be covered under guarantees so you can rest assured that if something does go wrong there is a good chance it is already covered.

Condenser Boiler (Condensing Boilers)

A condensing boiler (also known as a condenser boiler) is generally fuelled by gas or oil and can achieve very high efficiency levels. Condensing the water vapour in exhaust gases allows the condenser boiler to recover the latent heat that is usually wasted and the condensed water vapour leaves via a drain in a liquid form. In some cases, manufactures state that this can be up to 98% but in reality it is probably more like 90%. However, this is why they are becoming increasingly popular and in some cases governments are offering incentives for people to switch to condensing boilers.

Back Boilers (Back Boiler Unit)

Some of you may not have heard of back boilers before but others may be very familiar with them as they have been around for many years now. This type of boiler provides central heating and hot water in your home and is usually installed behind a gas or electric fireplace. Due to the fact that these boilers are built in behind the fireplace, this had caused a number of issues over the years for anyone who wanted to or was required to replace them. However, in more recent years there have been developments in the creation of condensing back boiler units so that older systems can now be replaced with a lot less work required.

Selecting a Boiler Manufacturer

New central heating systems require a client to make a number of choices to ensure they meet their needs. After you have selected the type of boiler (e.g. new combo boiler) you would like to have installed, you will then need to decide on which of the boiler makes to choose from. Our boiler engineers can help you with this decision based on the type of central heating installation you choose, but in the meantime we have also included some of the most popular brands for you to consider below.

Alpha Heating Innovation | Ariston Boilers | Baxi Heating UK Ltd | Biasi UK Ltd | Buderus | Chaffoteaux & Maury | Glow-worm Boilers | Heatline Boilers | Ideal Boilers | Keston Boilers | Potterton | Ravenheat | Saunier Duval | Vaillant Ltd | Viessmann Ltd | Vokèra Ltd | Worcester Bosch Group

Qualified engineers to guide you though any heating installations

Underfloor Heating

We offer a wide range of domestic solutions for underfloor heating systems for a variety of rooms and types of properties. If your conservatory or perhaps your office is getting a bit chilly in the winter, then underfloor heating can be the perfect solution to address these issues. Popular uses also include under carpet heating and under tile heating especially when stepping out onto those kitchen and bathroom tiles during the colder months.

How does it work?

Underfloor heating systems can be laid beneath a wide range of materials that are used for residential and commercial flooring including laminate, overlay, screed (e.g. liquid screed) and also wooden floors. Another thing that is great about implementing an underfloor heating system is that it can be powered by electric, gas, hot water (i.e. wet heating) as well as solar power too.

Underfloor Heating Brands

Our team has taken the trouble to outline some of the most popular types and brands of underfloor and in floor heating below:

Ambient | Carbon Film | Danfoss | Devi | Ecofloor | Hydronic | Osma | Polypipe | Polyplumb | Radiant | Raychem | Rehau | Retrofit | Speedfit | Thermoboard | Varme | Vitrex | Wavin

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