Refurbishment and Renovation

Refurbishment and Renovation

There are many reasons that homeowners and commercial businesses explore refurbishment and renovation of their properties. Whether you are looking for an office refurbishment company, flat refurbishment or someone to renovate your home. The Trusty Builder and our team based in Ealing are always on hand to answer any questions or to provide quotations for refurbishment and renovation based enquiries. In many cases, our clients undertake property renovation projects to help improve broken or damaged parts of their home. However, in other situations, we are approached by our clients about building refurbishment and building renovation to simply help them take an outdated property and to turn it into something much more modern.

Professional support during your refurbishment and renovation projects

Considering a project?

For anyone remodelling their home or commercial premises, no matter how simple or complex the project it, it is imperative to help them understand the importance of not only revising something but at the same time making it structurally stronger. If you are interested in renovating a property there are a few things to take into account such as the planning and designing of the project, structural repairs that may be required, rebuilding of certain aspects of the property itself and the finishing in whichever style you would like to achieve.

Thinking about refurbishing?

In some cases you will also find that some of the same items will apply when refurbishing a property because the two are not dissimilar in their approach. Refurbishment companies will a lot of the time also undertake renovation projects. For example sash window renovation and sash window refurbishment are more or less one in the same. However, with refurbishment it is more about taking something that is old and dated and bringing it back to life rather than completely going back to grass roots and starting again making them not only look great but for them to be more structurally sound as well.

Hiring the best

Our experienced tradesmen will help find practical solutions for all aspects of house renovations and re-modelling as well as manage each stage of the process. From dealing with architects and local authorities for securing planning permission through to the actual building work such as building extensions. Below are the type of house renovation and domestic property refurbishment projects our team in Ealing can support you with:

  • Bathroom refurbishment and bathroom renovation
  • Kitchen refurbishment and kitchen renovation
  • Basement refurbishment and basement renovation
  • Conservatory refurbishment and conservatory renovation

Step by step guide

Once you have made the decision to renovate your home or that parts of your home are in need of refurbishment, we can work with you to decide how it is going to look, feel and function. For example, are you looking contemporary renovations as part of renovating your home? Renovation can be confusing so for some of our clients, they prefer to leave those decisions up to the experts but for others who are a little more hands on and creative, they will already have an idea in their minds for their house. Refurbishment is very much the same when working with new and existing clients because some will know exactly what they want and need whereas others will need us to guide them through it all step by step.

We turn Old

into New

Sometimes its not an option to just start over, so our team help you to make the most of what you’ve got by bringing it back life.

Residential work

We offer a wide range of residential refurbishment and renovation services for clients in and around Ealing. Our refurbishment contractors and renovation experts can undertake everything from general residential interior refurbishment and renovation of buildings, through to more specific interior refurbishment. This can include sourcing, supplying and installing all necessary items to deliver the project.

If you’re looking for a residential refurbishment company or refurbishment services then contact our London based team in Ealing on 0208 997 8321 or alternatively you can email any questions or queries to

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